Christmas Holiday Information
The store will be closing for the Christmas Holidays from Wednesday the 21th of December 2022 at 5pm and will re-open on Wednesday the 4th of January 2023 at 9am.

Internet orders placed over the holiday period will see only stock items despatched, any special order or carrier delivery items will follow in the new year.

Torx Sockets Female

Torx Sockets Female
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Stahlwille 03270010 E10 Torx Socket
Stahlwille 03270010 E10 Torx® Socket Part No: SW50TX-E10Stahlwille Code: 03270010Unit of Sale: 1 ..
Ex Tax: £10.37
Stahlwille 03270011 E11 Torx Socket
Stahlwille 03270011 E11 Torx® Socket Part No: SW50TX-E11Stahlwille Code: 03270011Unit of Sale: 1 ..
Ex Tax: £10.43
Stahlwille 03270012 E12 Torx Socket
Stahlwille 03270012 E12 Torx® Socket Part No: SW50TX-E12Stahlwille Code: 03270012Unit of Sale: 1 ..
Ex Tax: £10.43
Stahlwille 03270014 E14 Torx Socket
Stahlwille 03270014 E14 Torx® Socket Part No: SW50TX-E14Stahlwille Code: 03270014Unit of Sale: 1 ..
Ex Tax: £11.16
Stahlwille 03270016 E16 Torx Socket
Stahlwille 03270016 E16 Torx® Socket Part No: SW50TX-E16Stahlwille Code: 03270016Unit of Sale: 1 ..
Ex Tax: £11.72
Stahlwille 03270018 E18 Torx Socket
Stahlwille 03270018 E18 Torx® Socket Part No: SW50TX-E18Stahlwille Code: 03270018Unit of Sale: 1 ..
Ex Tax: £11.37
Stahlwille 03270020 E20 Torx Socket
Stahlwille 03270020 E20 Torx® Socket Part No: SW50TX-E20Stahlwille Code: 03270020Unit of Sale: 1 ..
Ex Tax: £11.37
Stahlwille 03270024 E24 Torx Socket
Stahlwille 03270024 E24 Torx® Socket Part No: SW50TX-E24Stahlwille Code: 03270024Unit of Sale: 1 ..
Ex Tax: £15.87
Stahlwille 96032703 Torx Socket Set 7pc
Stahlwille 96032703 Torx® Socket Set 7pc Part No: SW50TX-7Stahlwille Code: 96032703Unit of Sale: 1..
Ex Tax: £65.38