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Silverstone Circuit Power Adaptors

Paddock adaptors are available for the Upper Paddock         
(32amp 5pin to 16amp 3pin)
Some of the rear posts in the Upper Paddock are still:
(16amp 5pin to 16amp 3pin)

Adaptors are also available for the New Wing and
BRDC Caravan Park
(32amp 3pin to 16amp 3pin)

Please see the Electrical section for these products



Aluminium Trolley Jack 1.8ton Rocket Lift

Popular Motor Sport Pit-lane Jack
Fast Handle Removal
Min Saddle Height: 90mm
Max Saddle Height: 455mm

Weighs just 18.1kg

In Stock Next Day Delivery

£194.11 Including Vat
£161.76 Excluding Vat

Terry Clips Button Cell Batteries  Flush Cuts  Millers Oils Two Part Foam Socketry Tank Tape